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Why am I changing my account, you may ask?

This account has a lot of... weird stuff on it. I kind of want to put a lot of that stupidity and neurotic behavior behind me. I want to write in a journal that does not bring back unwanted memories. It's just for personal reasons, not really for vanity. If I wanted to change my LJ username that badly, I would, but that's not the reason I'm doing this.

I want the journal, though it will be weird at certain points, to be more serious in nature.

My new LJ username is ignixferroque and I've already added my friends to that journal. I will be transferring mod status to that account in my various comms soon.

Comment here if you've got a bone to pick, I'll be checking this LJ until Monday.

PS: A bit miffed that I have to redo the entire Dr. Who emotion theme. I mean, seriously, come on.

New LJ name.

Here's a list of names I'm pondering over.

alis_aquilae - on an eagle's wings

gloria_patri - glory to the father

dei_gratia - to the glory of God

ad_astra - to the stars

aegri_somnia - sick man's dreams

imprimatur - let it be printed

ira_deorum - wrath of the Gods

noster_nostri - our hearts beat as one

pax_dei - peace of God

Oh yeah. That's Latin, baby.

NOW HELP ME DECIDE. D8 I'm trying to start anew and turn over a new leaf. Mmmm.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Can't make baklava as planned because dad has been sick for the past few days. He's finally better today, and I'm glad. If he wasn't I'd worry. See, his nose was stuffed up and he has sleep apnea. So his mask wouldn't work if he can't breathe and... Yeah. Not good. In any case, he's better now, just tired.

I miss Taisa a lot and I want to hang out with her, but she's down in Mississippi. I hope she has a good holiday though.

Twilight, I hate it. But Carlisle is amazing and the actor Peter Facinelli is one hot piece of man.

Kiby convinced me to write a novel about Hector and Elizabeth. I'm totally down for that, except I'd have to make a few facelift changes to the characters. What works for roleplay does not always work for a good novel. Although, with the advent of Twilight, I suppose "good novels" are relative at this point.

Here's a happy thing for you all.

<3 Happy Thanksgiving. 8D

"All I have is praises on my tongue, from my heart... "

Short story.

Some people need to seriously chill.

Also, I feel horribly lacking in my writing skills so... gonna practice tonight. I feel horribly depressed and uninspired. ._.


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I don't care if it sucks. I went out tonight and was inspired by how it was completely dark and the moon was out at 6pm.

I don't want critique and I am not asking for it. I just hope you'll like it when you read it.

Short story.

It's NaNoWriMo, and though I'm already late with it, I decided to write a bunch of short stories this month (since there's no way I could do a novel at this point).

Just written on the spur of the moment. I don't care about editing it right now, I just feel like writing. And, I'm also taking Mr. Scheetz's advice.



Yeah it sucks, shush.

New Character.

Oh hell yeah. I made a new character in theme of Halloweeny tiems.

Name: Hector Ordell
Age: 38
Trade: Head surgeon
Gen. Info: He's the head surgeon in the town's hospital. Victoria will become suspicious of him out of mere intuition, and rightly so. For years, Dr. Ordell had presided over the morgue and continues to be rather active in the bodies that come in and out of the hospital. Occasional mysterious deaths have occurred and the hospital has tried to cover up the records of several bodies gone missing. Strange rumors have gone around. Dr. Ordell had once also been a pathologist before becoming a surgeon.

Recently, a rash of crimes has broken out across the town. Six bodies were already found--mutilated--in random areas. The blood around the bodies and the positions the corpses were found in--bound--pointed out that the victims were vivisected.

Happy Halloween~

PS: If anyone wants to draw this guy, be my guest. He's gotta have a pointed, sneering face and glasses. Otherwise, go wild. ...Oh, and also, I'd rather him be skinny of build. Like, tall and skinny. Like a thin, creepy spindly man. 8D If he's not, that's cool. >x)

Writing... Poems?

I really want to write. And I know it's going to suck. But LJ is my dumping ground, so ignore it if you're in the critiquing mood.

I like writing poetry of whatever meter comes to mind. I'm not looking for critique, these are made purely out of creative venting. Take of 'em what you will. Damn, it's been a long time since I wrote poetry. They may not make any sense to you, but that's okay. I'm not writing them for you guys. *cough* You can comment if you want to though, I don't mind that.

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In keeping with tradition of what I've done in the past, I'm leaving this entry public, as I used to do with my writing projects.

PS: Posting an old poem that's probably riddled with grammatical poetry errors. I don't care, just read it, but I love what I wrote years ago. *EDIT*: I went ahead and edited the grammar (punctuation) though, I've never taken a poetry class and I'm not sure if it's all correct. Whatever.

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Area of history question? D:

So guys... Registration soon... Uh. I'm not going to ask what area of history I should choose. What I want is the Ancient West (Europe and the Near East) in general, or perhaps ancient Western religions. Just your guys' thoughts on the subject would be great. I mean, I am going to talk to Dr. Brown and my advisor and my English professor (there's a class he's teaching next semester that I really want and he suggested it to us). But a student's opinion is something else I want; it'll help me make a decision, rather than make it for me, so go ahead and rant away. >_>

Holy crap, I love not having a paper to worry about on Tuesday morning. 8D I just reheated some soup and ate some crackers with it and a cup of juice. Best morning ever. Needless to say, this (and Taisa/Meg/the girls at WFH) = just what I needed.

"Actually, it's all a whole lot of sound and fury signifying everything."


Thanks guys! Interestingly enough, your advice has given me more courage to talk to my professors. Speaking to my English prof doesn't make me want to piss myself as much anymore. >_>

So, yeah. I decided that I'm going to do ancient western history and see where it takes me. My topics of specific interest? I'll figure those out as I do my studies, but I'll probably slide into religion and/or philosophy. I talked to Dr. Hill and he suggested I take his class on utopian society next semester. 8D YAY.

Writer's Block: Comedians as Journalists

Distrust of the media has grown to the point where many people only trust the news if it comes from a comedian. Who do you trust more: Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart?

Because apparently "Joe Plumber" is sooooooo important~

I watch both, end of story. But as any intelligent person knows, just watching those two--as hilariously informative as they are--just isn't enough. But before I get on my soapbox, I just have to say... Jon, Stephen, I don't know what I would do without you. My life would be a bleak place at 10pm-11pm and 7pm-8pm every weeknight.


Leeeeaves from the viiiine~

Join unter_allen, damn you! It's starting to pick up again.

I was just now browsing the internet and found people complaining about Scrubs. No one made you watch the last two seasons, guys, don't wank all over the forums--the threads are slow enough as it is, and there's no need to be so negative (as much as I didn't like the last two seasons, I hate wank even more).

Taisa came over this morning and I had fun! 83 I really missed being able to spend time with and talk to a good friend in person. <3 We had breads.

Mako, whyyyyy?! D'8

"Stop hitting me in the head, you're going to give me dain bramage."