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~ ad astra per aspera ~

A rough road leads to the stars.

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I created this second account in the hopes that I could use it to vent and unwind in order to better organize my thoughts and also try to relax. I also use it as a means to contact friends and read their entries, as well as to join various communities for my personal amusement.

If you'd like to get to know me, just post in my latest public entry or drop me a line via MSN or AIM--or even email me, though I haven't really corresponded with friends through email in a long time. Please check out my art gallery. I write poetry, prose, draw, paint, doodle, draw on Photoshop, paint on Photoshop, doodle on Photoshop... I also do photo manipulations and spacescapes, so feel free to send a request. I draw fan art in anime and realistic type art styles--though I need to work on my shading in the animation department--so, just check those out and please comment, if you have an account there on dA.

I tend to be open to a lot of ideas as long as they are presented in a respectful and courteous way. I don't need a stick-up-the-butt jackass forcing their beliefs down my throat. I do tend to get forceful myself, but I believe mutual respect is the best way to a peaceful coexistence and the open, free exchange of ideas. If there's something you don't care about or don't like, don't tell me "I don't care about that, so stop talking about it." Have tact, be honest, but graciously so. I stick my neck out that way as best I can--I don't want any trouble, but I will not be a bootlicker, respectively.

Anyway, feel free to contact me for discussion. I'm not interested in dating, so don't ask. :)